Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Bethel Kitchen workers can come for voluntary testing: Health Dept

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Kohima, July 5: Amidst fear of two frontline workers testing positive for Corona virus on June 30 last, the Health & Family Welfare Department has assured help to those voluntarily coming forward for testing.
The assurance was given by the Principal Director of HFW, Dr Vizolie Z. Suokhrie after media persons highlighted on contact tracing not being done for members of churches who were engaged in cooking food for the quarantine centres in Kohima at the Bethel Kitchen.
Asked on contact tracing of members from different Churches, Dr Suokhrie said that contact tracing is expanding but if those working in the kitchen wants to voluntarily go for sample testing they can directly go to the Naga Hospital Authority or coordinate with the Chief Medical Officer of Kohima district for testing facility.
“In case our surveillance team has missed to contact any such person, we will be very happy if they can voluntarily come forward and we will definitely help them out”, he said.
Nonetheless, he said “we should be happy that the tests of primary contacts of the two frontline workers are negative and they are still under isolation but we don’t want to release them till their second test is done, though it may not be required.”
He also asserted that the Directorate of HFW would officially convey to the CMO Kohima to give priority to any such cases.
On the reported free movement of the two frontline workers without being kept in isolation even after their swabs were collected, State Nodal Officer IDSP, Dr Nyan Kikon justified saying that some of the frontline workers involved in the Bethel Kitchen volunteered themselves for testing so they did not suspect that they will be tested positive. He said their swab was collected on June 29 while the result was out on June 30 and they were sent to isolation.
Further, Dr Suokhrie said the most important thing is that the primary contacts of the two are negative and that is the biggest relief that everyone should have. (Page News Service)