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“Best Governor’s address to legislators in 5 years”: G Kaito Aye

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KOHIMA, MARCH 21: Minister for Agriculture G Kaito Aye today termed the address of the Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi to the members of Nagaland Assembly as the “best address in 5 years”.
Participating in the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address delivered on March 19 in the Assembly, Aye said the Governor’s address highlighted the achievements and performances of the Government without discriminating any of the Departments and it is one of the best addresses delivered in the last 5 years of the present Government.
Nagaland is a resource crunch State but the Government is trying its best to deliver the goods to the people, he said.
He said the Government of India has withdrawn the special funding pattern for the State after which the successive Governments have been suffering but the present Government is doing better.
Advisor for Horticulture and Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan also supplemented Minister Kaito saying it is one of the best addresses of the Governor with no room for criticism as it has highlighted the successful achievements of the Government to the House.
Presently the Assembly does not have any opposition with the formation of the United Democratic Alliance but even if there were opposition members, they could not have found anything to criticize, he said.
Yanthan also asserted that the State Government has been proactively playing the role of facilitator to the Naga political issue as it has constituted Joint Legislators Forum, formed an opposition-less Government and also held consultative meetings with civil societies to facilitate an early solution to the Naga problem.
All these initiatives show this Government is serious and fully committed toward resolving the NPI, he said.
On border issues, Yanthan said that the Assembly select committee is serious and taking matters with the Assam Government while a total of 114 oil drilling sites have been identified within the Disputed Area Belt.
He also lauded the creation of the 4 districts saying that it is to fulfil the aspirations of the people and the respective tribes to have their own districts.
On the agri and allied sector, he said the Government is making all efforts to revive the economy which suffered due to the COVID pandemic and the drought-like situation last year.
The Advisor said that the Sustainable Development Goal targets for 2030 should be to achieve the aspiration for a better, peaceful and progressive Nagaland.
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