Friday, April 16, 2021

Be fair

We live in a place that has been every now and then been in news for all the wrong reasons, which has resulted in a vast majority of our populace being affected mentally, one way or the other. There has been increase in psychological problems since a very long time because of many unresolved issues. And Covid-19 happened and since then mental distress has been rife. In our society, women have borne the brunt of all problems facing us as a society or family. They have been put under the harshest of trials, but they have every time put up a brave fight and have been at the forefront facing every tide well. They have shown resilience whether it has been domestic violence that has confined their thoughts to the four walls of their homes, or disowning them by their own loved ones, or at times the harassment by men, career or job oriented problems or at times struggling with the stigma of remaining unmarried. These all hardships are a grim reminder of what they have faced and how they have tackled these things. We live in a society where there are countless incidents that happen but very few come to fore. Women have served as an inspiration, their sacrifice is supreme. They have served as an epitome of patience and a symbol of motivation for many. In every nation, women have proven their mettle. So why can’t we give them what is their due? In fact to make a society stable we need to give women their rights, which unfortunately our society has so far denied in many fields. Since the time of Adam and Eve women have been shoulder to shoulder and neck to neck in all ups and downs with men. There are many queries that strike one’s mind when it comes to the rights of women in the society like, why can’t a woman have full rights when she can stand side by side to the other gender. Sadly the imbalance and uncertainty in our society are directly based on biased approach towards women. Sure it is an accepted fact that human societies are not uniform, and don’t exist as a monolith. There are diversities, and differences. And there are inequalities as well. But the test of a society is to manage differences and diversities, and at the same time work towards eliminating inequalities. And as stated, one of the deep rooted inequalities is manifested in the form of the status and condition of women in a society. Howsoever we claim to be a value based society, a modern society, the fact of the matter is that women suffer on many counts. Their status is not as that of the men. Their economic condition is not as strong as that of men. Their position in the society is not as authentic and autonomous as that of men. And their position in families today is unfortunately weaker than that of men. It is a fact that the modern state has worked very hard to raise their status. Many affirmative actions have been taken to give women legal protection, economic strength, and ensure their safety in hostile situations. It is because of these state backed actions that we have a good number of women now financially independent. At the same time the impetus given to female education has produced good results. But despite all this, there are some general notions, some familial patterns, and some societal ideas that come in the way of treating women fairly. We are still far away from giving women their due in terms of their role in the society. As a civil society we must come forward to ensure that women are taught the skills to be financially independent, and they are allowed to participate in decision making processes at various levels. It is not just the affirmative actions at the government level that can change the whole scenario. Society as a whole has to change its mindset, and think of women as equal creatures, and not subservient to men.