Be entrepreneurs


Every person on this earth has a different ideology, a different mentality and everybody thinks from a different point of view. Every person was created different. Every person understands the word “job” differently. One of the definitions of job is “work or an occupation, trade or professional, career or employment, task or duty, responsibility or an activity or could be a piece of work in commercial or a non commercial way.” In Nagaland after completion of any degree from college or a university, students get distressed and get frustrated because of non-availability of jobs. So they get involved in activities that ruin their precious lives. It’s only because those students think that they studied only for the purpose of getting a government job. So when they fail to get the desired job, that becomes the turning point of their life, and then they get frustrated. Everybody says unemployment has crossed the limits and it’s all because of the government. One who gets a government or semi government job or a private job, he is satisfied and carries on with his life and earns his livings. But it’s only for those who want to be employees, not employers, who want to work, not to create work; who want to be employed and not create employment. In fact it can be said that one who does not get a job is a lucky one, as he can always utilize his mind, capacity and capability for his own business, of which he is the boss, not a servant. But what about those who can’t set up their own enterprise? The person who has a sound monetary background should always prefer to go for business, so that he can make good profits and generate employment. And also other people can work with him. It is not important that the business should be started with a huge capital or in other words with a huge investment. The success of the enterprise depends on the potential and hard work put in by a person. Bill Gates started his business from a small room and became the king of software. Ambani was an employee at a petrol pump; today the Ambani group is one of the largest business groups of the world. It takes time, requires patience. The person who has less capital or very low investment can approach the banks, private finance institutions, industries, khadi and village and other finance lending institutes to start business units. They can also make small groups as partners so that the workload and financial load can be minimized. There are many opportunities for students who have completed their degrees; the only requirement is enthusiasm and eagerness to do work. They have to choose a particular line in which they feel they can do better. There are many businesses in which they can grow and let others grow as well. One should make a systematic analysis of the market and a strategy to get into a particular business. When one gets employed somewhere, he gets salary for his work, but logically he is doing work for others, and rewards and especially the profits go to the person for whom he is working. So better to work for yourself and receive all rewards and profits and increase the profitability day by day. Commerce and management students should be managers, not managed by others. When a business is well established, it eventually benefits others and eradicates unemployment. In the prevailing circumstances, unemployment problem has become a huge barrier in the development of nations. So creation of latest business establishments and units proves helpful for the nations. The government should support highly qualified and unemployed youth to setup their own business units. For this the government should provide financial assistance and support the unemployed youth in their business ventures. As has been said where there is a will there is a way.