Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bangladesh marks the start of Bengali New Year

Dhaka (Bangladesh), April 14: Bangladeshis took to the streets on Sunday (April 14) to celebrate the first day of the Bengali New Year.
A procession of colourful floats organized by university students, moved amongst the crowds of revellers and security in Dhaka, as people in colourful clothes beat drums and danced.
The festival date is set according to the Bengali calendar and is on the first day of the first month of the year.
Across the border in various parts of India, the day is marked in some areas as a harvest festival.
The day broke with the chirping of birds as usual, but the singing of “Esho hey Baishakh esho esho” echoed everywhere in Bangladesh to give the day a really festive dimension.
All across the country with people from all walks of life throng different popular and historic spots in the capital and elsewhere to welcome the Bangla New Year 1426 with new hopes and aspirations for a better, peaceful year. (Agencies)