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BAN lauds Dimapur Police

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 14: The Business Association of Nagas (BAN) has lauded Dimapur Police for arresting one Joshi, the kingpin for running the transport syndicate in Dimapur.
BAN appealed to the Police and District administration to have the matter investigated thoroughly and charge-sheet all accused under non-bailable offences.
BAN also lauded the courage of two Naga women entrepreneurs for filing FIR and said this is a struggle for all business community against the syndicate menace prevailing in the State that needs to be eradicated from its root irrespective of any affiliation.
“The terrorizing of price gouging, illegal taxation, quality compromises, inflation, restricting choice of consumers has led to sky-rocketing of all prices which adversely affect the consumers and economy of the State”, BAN said in a press release.
BAN said it believes in co-existence of all individual and welcomes every citizen in building the economy of the State through ethical economic activities, but it will never tolerate any individual, company or organisation that uses coercive means to kill competition.
Stating that there are lakhs of unemployed Naga youth who are desperately looking for a job or contemplating to start its own businesses, the BAN said when this kind of “handful divisive poisonous people” either from within or outside the State, together with its cohort downplays the strength of the Naga youth and Naga business community, there would be chaos, uprising and calls for reformation that will sweep across the State.
It further said Nagas will never allow some vested interest people to use coercion and impose monopoly to finish the budding Naga businesses while systematically crippling the Naga entrepreneurs.
“Any organisation or individual involved in forcible collections and coercion should be booked and their licence cancelled, while those involved in harbouring and patronizing this kind of element in our society are nothing short of collaborators to destroy the future Naga generation, who will find their names engraved in the Naga business history as conspirator to destroy our State economy”, it said.
BAN condemned this diabolic act and said it would work and sacrifice without fear or favour for the cause of Naga entrepreneurs so that younger generation will work, earn and live with dignity. (Page News Service)