Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Ban imposed on supply of sand from Assam

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 30: The Assam Sand Suppliers and Truck Owners Association Dimapur (ASSTOAD) on Wednesday announced that it is imposing total ban on supply of sand in the district starting from September 30 as well as restrict illegal transportation.
The measures have been decided so as to bring down the cost of sand being imported and to remove the unjust imbalances in the cost of supply.
In an interaction with the media today here at Hotel Saramati, ASSTOAD president Anito Shohe said since the lockdown the cost of sand supplied from Assam has seen more than 300% increase and the Association is not sure at this juncture why the cost has increased to such an extent. Further, due to illegal transportation of sand, a syndicate has been formed that is making sand available at a lower price, forcing the legal suppliers to run their business on losses if they try to compete as the cost of procuring sand from Assam is 70% more than the rate at which it is being supplied.
Shohe said keeping the greater good of the public in mind, the Association decided to engage in dialogue with their Assam counterparts, mahaldars and other stakeholders so as to come to a price which would be accepted by all and would keep the concerns of the public at the forefront.
ASSTOAD finance secretary Deon Swu mentioned that a meeting in this direction would be held in the next few days and urged the public to support the ban despite the inconveniences it will cause as it would ultimately benefit the public.
Meanwhile, ASSTOAD has extended support to the “indefinite economic blockade” underway called by the 5 organizations and appealed to the responsible authorities to arrest the culprit at the earliest.
ASSTOAD also requested all those who have not yet registered themselves with the Association to do the same by October 15.
According to the president, the Administration, Police, and Forest Department have come in support of the ban.
The ban, which comes into effect immediately, will be monitored by volunteers of the Association at different entry points.
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