Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Ball is in India’s court, says NSCN (IM) on Naga solution


Dimapur, August 14: The NSCN (IM) today said a final solution to the Indo-Naga political problem can be worked out soon provided that the Government of India does not go back on its commitment.
“We hope and trust that the final solution can be worked out soon provided that Government of India does not go back on its commitment. The ball is in the court of India,” said Rh. Raising, convener, Steering Committee, NSCN, while presenting the “highlight on peace process” during the 73rd Naga Independence Day today at CHQ Hebron.
Highlighting the history of Indo-Naga negotiation to the signing of the signing of the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ on 3rd August, 2015, Raising said the Framework Agreement was arrived at between the two entities on the basis of the unique history of the Nagas.
Understanding the reality of the uniqueness of Naga history, Raising said the Government of India recognized the sovereignty of the Nagas stating “Sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people.”
“By unique history of the Nagas, it also means – Naga identity, culture and territory are also unique. Naga territories have never been ceded to any power. ‘Nagas are the owners of their land and mineral resources above and beneath the land,’ it says.”
The FA says “Co-existence of the two entities,” which Raising explained means Indians and the Nagas are two different entities. “The Nagas have not been a part of the Union of India by consent, but they will ‘co-exist with the Union of India as two entities,” he said.
The two entities will be inseparably bound together by the cord of the Framework Agreement, he added.
It also says ‘Shared-sovereignty.’ The Nagas do not accept the constitution of India, but Nagas and Indians will share sovereign powers on the basis of the Framework Agreement, he said.
Stating that Nagas were forcibly divided into many pieces against their will and placed them in different administrative units by the colonial powers, Raising said unification of all Nagas under one political roof is their legitimate right and Government of India recognizes that right.
Raising informed that the Indo-Naga talks also focuses on the mechanism of inseparable harmonious interdependent relationship of the two entities and durable peace and progress in the land.
“Facing many hurdles and difficulties in the talks, we have finally signed the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ and accordingly, we are working on for a final touch,” he added. (Page News Service)