Monday, June 21, 2021
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Bad road conditions in state: Therie appeals to Governor

K Therie
NPCC President, K Therie

Dimapur, November 10: President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie has urged the Governor of Nagaland to constitute a coordination committee of representatives of all departments concerned and contractors, to urgently work out serviceable roads as is provided in the contract.
Therie said that the busiest road of Nagaland and Manipur currently under construction has done more destruction than given reasons to cheer. He said roads have been cut off for years creating intolerable inconveniences to the house owners, colonies, traders and travellers who are plagued by air pollution, accidents, and traffic jams causing price rise and slowdown of economy.
Contractors and NHIDCL appear to be short of courtesy to fellow citizens too while the administration is clueless to the situation, he added.
“We have a Government which does not realise that bad roads are destroying the citizens’ economy. They have no concern for the inconveniences faced by commuters and travelers,” Therie said in a press release, adding, “If they have common sense and realise and are concerned, they surely would have taken steps to ensure serviceable roads to keep the growth of economy on track and also ensure the convenience and safety of commuters and travellers.”
He also alleged that the Government of the day has nothing to worry about “because they can buy votes even if there are no roads.”
“In the given situation, I am worried about the image of Nagaland before the World,” he said adding, “tourists to the Hornbill Festival will once again announce to the world, our pathetic road conditions and may even call it the worst road in the world. It will reflect not only the Govt. but also on the public for having chosen such a Govt.”
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