Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bad lessons

Despite many laws enacted from time to time to stem the tide of the growing menace of punishment to children in schools, this cult of violence still persists in many places and is going unnoticed. Earlier this obnoxious culture inflicting torture on students was prevalent mostly in government schools and that too in villages but a matter of grave concern is that with the passage of time and more exposure of our society to the broader environment, this curse, instead of being on the decrease, has stretched its tentacles into even the private schools. And the tragedy with our authorities concerned is that they enact laws but never show concern towards the implementation of such measures. The punishment in the form of bullying, browbeating, thrashing, commenting sarcastically and threatening, etc. has always been a stumbling block on the path of child development. Allegedly, as per reports, some school teachers in some villages put their students on their agricultural field during school hours. And while this might be a case of over exaggeration, the point is that students, who come to schools with colourful dreams in their eyes in regard to their future, get discouraged when they go off the track due to the inclement behavior of the teachers. The corporal punishment is still in vogue in most of the government as well as private schools in our towns. The students are tortured as if they are criminals. On one hand we are crying for the attainment of consummate literacy and on the contrary we are contributing alarmingly to the dropout rate, wastage and stagnation of the students. Every year, we have hundreds of students dropping or leaving their schools half the way partially for the inhuman treatment meted out to them by their teachers and school authorities. It is evident and has been proved by psychologist and doctors that punishment in all forms is a way to de-development of a child and hence it must be discouraged. By doing this we are harnessing a society with mentally frustrated youth and patients of depression. There are many other ways to mend up the behavior of the children but our teachers being mostly untrained, incompetent and deplorably poor at knowledge and understanding cannot motivate the situation without applying force on this docile generation. The cult of punishment in schools is the by-product of teachers’ inefficiency and the students’ innocent curiosity to acquire knowledge. It has often been experienced that whenever a child put up question, the teacher, being too poor to convince the student, gets irritated and on one pretext or the other bully, browbeat or slap his student. This problem is prevailing even in colleges and universities also where the so-called professors are working. We need to bear in mind that all problems cannot be solved only with the whip but just one affectionate-patting is thousand and one times more effective than the hundreds of whips, spanks and slaps. Another form of punishment prevalent in private schools now-a-days is overburdening the children with home-assignments. They are laden with the home-task by the school hard-task-masters so as to grant them not even an iota of freedom to relax. This practice is proving counter-productive for our children and is quite opposite to the latest techniques of education where much emphasis is laid on personality development of the child. What are we doing with our delicate generation? They stand incarcerated and yoked. Is this all what we have spared for our children? What are our academic bodies, boards and commissions doing? The method of pick-and-choose or favouritism in the classrooms at primary or middle class level is another issue which is being increasingly noticed this days especially in the private schools and this anathema has, of course, left a very crippling impact on the immature students and children. Obviously this disposition of the teachers has compelled the students to develop a rebellious out-look, squeamish nature and negative approach towards life.