Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Azo graces PSU general session

Kohima, December 28: MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today said that sports, dance and singing have become one of the biggest industries in the planet today.
Speaking at the cultural dance competition as part of 61st general session of Phek Students’ Union (PSU) at Phek village Local Ground, Azo said that “our boys and girls are second to none in all these fields.”
In this, he stressed on the need to mould them up and give them the basic trainings to excel in those fields.
“Today, we are happy because our boys and girls are bold enough to venture out in any field which can earn them livelihood. What all one need is commitment, dedication, sincerity and consistency in order to excel,” he said.
Stating that it is high time the parents including the government of the day need to invest in our children, Azo said “It is truly time for all of us to give them our time, our attention, our love and support as they are our future and our assets.”
The government needs to seriously ponder upon and promote them in the right earnest, he said.
Regretting that Naga cultural dances have remain stagnant for centuries which is never been upgraded/ updated nor improvised, he said “It is time for the younger generation to improvise and give a remix even to our dances I believe.”
PSU president Kuthovo Chizo in his presidential address said that the session theme “Exploring greater horizon” reflects the will and determination of the new generation to compete and achieve greater horizon.
Stating that students are the leaders of tomorrow, he maintained that students constitute the bulk of the educated and enlightened section of the society.
PSU general secretary Akuve Soho and education & statistical secretary Khriesave Venuh gave secretary and statistical report respectively. (Page News Service)