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AYO to launch “Plant for Life” in 104 Angami villages on June 4

Nagaland News

KOHIMA, JUNE 3: In an effort to create awareness on maintaining ecological balance, the Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) will launch “Plant for life” celebrating World Environment Day (WED) by planting at least 100 tree saplings in every Angami village on June 4.
Making the announcement at a press conference held at AYO office in Old Minister’s Hill here tonight, convener of AYO WED celebration, Zakie Khate said that it is an initiative for promotion of environment and also create awareness on the need to plant trees to have a better environment now and for future generation.
He said that the 104 recognised Angami villages will undertake plantation drive of tree saplings which are suitable to their own villages.
Expressing that AYO has been very vociferous in conservation of the biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance, he said AYO has not been imposing but creating awareness on the ill effects of hunting and destruction of nature. “We have been discouraging all such activities which are detrimental to the environment”, he said.
He also informed that AYO’s initiatives ~ Plant for life ~ is being taken up in collaboration with the Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change ensure that the planted saplings are taken care and grow into trees.
Khate also said that beside the tree plantation drive, AYO would also be conducting cleanliness drive for a healthy environment.
Expressing that the reality of the changing environment is collectively felt by all in this, AYO president Kekhrie Pfukha said the initiative is to create ‘green wealth’.
“The real definition to mark World Environment Day has become even more important than ever to contribute towards real stability and sustainable effort or at least strive to ensure our required responsibility to match the environmental issues and challenges in our blocks, villages and regions through community initiative by responsibly living life for life itself”, he said.
Expressing that everyone is demanded by nature to create a narrative that would not be merely adaptable for our comfort alone, he said “It takes a whole new level of approach to adapt to its changes and also revisit the restoration of the natural habitat of our fragile environment”.
“This should be the committed venture of both individually and collectively saving our nature through restoration efforts a way of living so that we may live for our life”, he said.
The AYO president lamented that people are blinded and distracted by the political gimmicks and its imbroglio and other additional impediments created by human and have completely lost our focus on what needs to be done for our future.
“Let us come together as one and cohesively work together for a constructive and progressive future through this initiative reaching out to humility to bring stability in our region”, Pfukha pleaded.
Pre-poning the WED celebration to Saturday, as the actual date falls on Sunday, AYO would launch the plant for life initiatives at 8 a.m., starting from its office while all its constituent units ~ Chakhro, Northern, Southern and Western ~ as well as the 104 villages would take it up at their respective jurisdiction.
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