Sunday, July 25, 2021
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AYO reacts to Imna Along’s statement

We are extremely exasperated and disturbed with the statement made by Minister Temjen Imna Along who has the audacity to defile the blood and tears of more than 200.000 (two hundred thousand Nagas) who sacrificed their lives to free Nagas beyond and above the parameters of India’s constitution and Union. He stated that any settlement would be under India’s constitution and Indian Union. He is absolutely aware that the Naga issue is exactly the opposite. Precisely for this reason, Nagas have being fighting for almost a century against India and before that almost another two centuries against British invasion since 1832 and also defended our sovereign rights against the Ahoms, Metei Kingdoms etc before that since Ads in the age of Huein Tsang visitation of Ahom from China. Indo-Naga issue is not a secessionist issue. It is not sedition. It is a matter of invasion by India. Nagas are merely claiming what is rightly bequeathed from God to us for a rightful and respectable people adorned with justice, equality and fraternity in the homily of Nations
Nagaland is a puppet proxy state of India through coercive power. It is an illegitimate child of the Naga Political Movement. It is entirely up to us whether we water this child to our advantage. Nevertheless, the Naga right can never be sold out so cheaply. Scotland, after almost 200 years faced a referendum. Catalonia of Spain inclusive of Madrid went for referendum just some few years ago to break away from UK and Spain respectively. We are a struggling people equipped with full honorable and undeniable rights. And such utterance from a minister is sheer stupidity, nonsensical and absurd.
The minister should withdraw his irresponsible statement, clarify or publicly apologize before the matter goes out of hand.
Zakie Khate
Secretary, AYO Youth Force.

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