Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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AYO flays ‘lack of discipline’ among many returnees

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Dimapur, June 13: The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has expressed pain that certain section of the Naga society have resorted to divisive tactics by vilifying “a specific tribe and a village for its stand which was totally in line with Government guidelines.”
Lamenting that this issue has also gained currency with some tribal organizations, hoho, etc., the AYO affirmed that it is strongly against any divisive element that can derail the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a press release, AYO president Kekhrie Pfukha and general secretary Visako Rino also expressed disgust by the lack of discipline among many returnees who are blatantly flouting rules and regulations of quarantine facilities risking the lives of other returnees and frontline workers.
AYO said it has also taken notice of immoral activities among some returnees in quarantine facilities and also of the disrespectful gestures shown towards frontline workers, which the organization condemned in the strongest of terms.
Appealing to all returnees to strictly follow the rules and regulations and show restrain and appreciation, the organization also appealed to the Government that strict punishment be meted to irresponsible and in-disciplined returnees flouting rules and regulations risking the lives of others. It stated that in the event of such irresponsible behavior of returnees leading to spread of disease in its jurisdiction, the AYO will resort to its own course of action against such individuals.
AYO also emphasized the need to use social media responsibly especially among the Naga youth, and said it is saddened to see many social media platforms inundated by divisive, communal, hateful and tribalistic agendas poisoning the innocent minds of the future generation. It strongly condemned any such agendas which threaten to disintegrate the Naga society and appealed to all social media user to desist from sharing fake news, communal agendas and to extend a collective healing hand to our people.
Acknowledging the frontline workers who are bravely fighting the COVID-19 pandemic risking their lives trying to save the Iives of others, AYO observed that as the crisis looms large ahead of us, the services of these frontline workers are needed more than ever. It also appreciated the churches, charitable individuals and NGOs who have come forward lending valuable support to frontline workers serving as beacons of hope. The organization was confident that the Almighty God will help us sail through the pandemic safely and that Nagas will come out of the pandemic a more united society. (Page News Service)