Sunday, July 25, 2021
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AYO declares stand against any extortion

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Urges Nagas to desist from divisive & tribalistic rhetoric

Dimapur, July 8: The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has declared opposition to any form of extortion activity within Angami jurisdiction by gun toting individuals, and warned that any such activity will not be tolerated.
In a press release, AYO president Kekhrie Pfukha stated that extortion has single handedly become the greatest impediment to Naga educated unemployed youth from venturing into business, trade, etc., and this must be eradicated at the earliest. By standing up against extortion, AYO was confident that it is speaking on behalf of a big silent majority of Naga people.
On the recent incident where an extortionist was gunned down in a retaliatory action by the Kohima Police Anti-Extortion Squad, AYO appealed to the concerned authorities to ensure that a transparent process is put in place so that public faith on the police is solidified. This, it said, will go a long way in preventing unnecessary loss of lives and allow smooth functioning of the anti-extortion squad, whose mandate is to ensure a safe and conducive environment for businesses to flourish. It also reaffirmed that the rule of law should prevail at all cost within its jurisdiction.
Expressing concern that following the shooting incident, some organizations instead of condemning the illegal extortion, have used the death of the alleged extortionist as an opportune moment to justify extortion from businesses citing the Naga cause and other numerous reasons, AYO affirmed that any attempt to justify extortion and illegal activities under the false garb of fighting for the Naga cause is shameful.
“This push to extol extortionist is in bad taste and is dishonouring the Naga struggle for autonomy. It must be pointed out that many honourable men and women have laid down their lives for the Naga cause and had achieved martyrdom in the process. It would be a great disservice and injustice to club our martyrs together with the men whose activities harm the very people they claim to be fighting for.”
AYO also expressed pain over attempts made by many tribal hohos in general, and a few in particular, to paint every issue with a tribal colour, be it the recent shooting in Kohima or the issue concerning the BSL-3 lab. “In the midst of a deadly pestilence, it is unfortunate that such organizations claiming to represent their respective tribe would resort to divisive and destabilizing tactics. AYO has and will never encourage its youth to be poisoned by divisive and tribalistic rhetoric,” it said.
“Even as such organization tries to wedge deep divisions in the Naga society,” the AYO lauded Nagaland Governor RN Ravi for taking notice of the real issues affecting every Naga, especially the deteriorating law and order situation in the State. It also thanked the Governor for his efforts in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile the AYO also reiterated its stands for law and order in the State, and urged all sections of Naga society to stay away from poisonous, divisive and tribalistic rhetoric being pushed by some organizations. (Page News Service)