AYO condemns murder of Neiphretuo


Dimapur, September 18: The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) today declared that it would defend its society, land and honour at all cost and always from a culture of threat and killing.
It condemned the calculated, cold blooded murder of Neiphretuo Metsieo on September 7 for robbery by the perpetrators, Yuireingam Ronra Shimray reportedly 24 years of age and Ringthingchon, both from the Tankhul tribe of the State of Manipur.
The crime was pre- determined and meticulously executed by the two murderers which resulted in the cold blooded barbaric murder of an officer, a husband, a father and above all a fellow human being which fits into the category of “rare of rarest” crime and deserves befitting punishment, the AYO stated.
Meanwhile, it expressed profound gratitude to all the public and police personnel of Manipur, Assam, Nagaland and Railway Protection Force who were involved in the prompt identification and subsequent arrest of the perpetrators of this heinous crime.
The AYO resented the statement made by the concerned tribe of the perpetrators “who are jumping to their own justification” while the bereaved family is still under deep mourning. AYO also warned to any tribe not to shelter any criminals in the Angami jurisdiction.
Any crime of this nature committed by a criminal under such sheltering circumstances by anyone, the Angamis shall hold that tribe equally responsible, it said.
AYO further appealed to the investigating agencies and prosecutors to press for the maximum penalty and declared that it would not accept anything lesser than the capital punishment which will have deterrent effect for the future generations.
The AYO further declared that anyone trying to bail out the two murderers or act as bailer(s) of the two, such person(s) would be held responsible for the same crime and the Angamis shall maintain social boycott with the concerned tribe till the barbaric murder case is settled.
It also appealed to every Angami members especially the youths to participate in the public procession organized by the Angami Public Organization tomorrow. (Page News Service)