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Awareness on vision, speech & hearing development in children conducted

Awareness on vision

KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 24: A screening cum awareness on vision, speech and hearing development in children was conducted at Joyance Pre-School, Kohima on Wednesday.

Administrator at Joyance Pre-School, Chanda Sahi said that as offline classes resumed there were many children who complained that they could not make out what was being written on the whiteboard. Some children were not able to hear properly and the teachers were required to speak in a loud voice. Also, speech problems such as speech delay and lack of clarity were identified in many children and taking these indicators into consideration, the screening cum awareness was organized because early intervention is the best way to address such problems, she added.
Sahi pointed out that the awareness programme for parents is important because almost 50% of the parents are unaware about the consequences of not addressing hearing impairment, vision and speech problems of a child at the earliest.
She said that normally a child of two years should be able to at least utter one word and by the age of 3 they should be able to utter 3 words. However, what usually happens in Naga society is that even when a child starts showing signs in delay in speech development, they dismiss it with the reason that since the child is growing up in a heterogenous community they are being late in vocalizing their speech, she said.
The problem worsens when the parents go into denial mode and do not take steps to treat the problem and this is the one of the main reasons that poses risk to the full and complete development of a child when it comes to Nagaland, she added.
Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist (MSLPA), Henwasin Sweety Lorin also stressed on the importance of early intervention with professional help. While a child’s silence can be misunderstood for a good natured and disciplined, sometimes it happens that there are many underlying problems to the silence of a child and it is better to address these problems earlier than latter. The implication of delaying treatment for such conditions is that a child may go on to develop autism and ADHD further rendering the child to cope with studies in higher classes and they may end up needing a special school, she added.

Also present at the programme was Consultant Optometrist, M.S. Optom, Weweu Khalo. She talked about the importance of going for vision screening in the first six months of a child’s life This should be followed by a yearly check-up.
Pointing out the gravity of the situation, Khalo said that vision problem was detected in three children of the 6 that were screened till midday.
There are some signs which the parent might miss at home, especially from families where both parents are heavily invested in their career. It would be prudent to go for check-up annually so that an underlying condition may be rectified before it gets worse, she said.
A child maybe born with good vision but this can change if a child spends too much time on a digital screen such as television and mobile phones. It is important to note that in the instance of children rubbing their, there is the possibility of a developing condition where the eyesight of a child is weakening, Khalo added.
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