Friday, July 30, 2021
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Avoiding road to obsolete transition

As insignificantly unproportionately the common rights of the people have been plattered for the production buffet, regression stems upheaveling in every slightest resistance with everything that is under our star. Call it disingenuous but to cohest truly and impartially in the state geared for solidarity, progress and tranquillity…variety of amendments pinnacled towards healthy individual growth cultured with knowledge, mutual self respect and nondiscriminatory unscathed medium of interaction may feasibly reinforce growth and development more profoundly.
“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” — John Adams.
With all the intellect man may possess, divining to upscale high and better the chances of survival for posterity is worthwhile, the rest with his wilful consent is as obscuring as self denial but congestion in traffic. Modern world has increasingly become a tinier space but with the power of the internet people can now obtain volumes of information to harness and render productivity and to gloat peacefully at home. But with growing intellect comes a price of competitiveness, where humans can surge past basic instincts and fairly apply their respective skills set for job acquisition.
In our state, degraded curve of job opportunities is no longer a cursory projection to unequivocally convince anyone. But the optimal question by regarding the economic facets of output we have for grasp would be how much the government can compensate to organise platforms such as job fairways and encouraging emerging entrepreneurs. And with the tangible saturation of the once mostly revered ‘government jobs’, more students indulging for academic pursuit of merit is staggeringly headed piedmont to obsoleteness. Pray the trend continue, the future is bleak but our quest and real emotions for advancement, progress and perseverance of Nagas ascending into global culture of commerce and humanity will first be devoured to deplete before perishing.
With the board exams underway, the students — the future citizens to inhabit and propel our human culture, there could be much pressure from timely electricity cut-out and also from personal or extraverted sources of negativity, conundrum and self-denial, yet your endurance and blatant ignoring of the noises in your surrounding and focusing in your academic prospects with timely consumption of supplements like hot drinks to relieve your stress and anxiety when it has been forced in your way, while as much shutting out from negativity, you may just make it through with it this session.
To truly grow and fluoresce our culture, we should learn to first mind each own’s business, privacy and respect and exchange mutual rights and then coalesce to advance. We should think more before sensing every word we hear from our ears, and segregate the truth from conjectures. Just like we need our sense of sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing to accomplish menial and immediate task in our surrounding environment, we need our mind to draw insights and see clearly what’s ahead of us in doing things the right way. And as we set the march with sound mind, our conviction will resonate into addictive endeavour to achieve more podium.
Aremba Sangtam, Walford, Dimapur.

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