Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Autorickshaws to be equipped with dustbins


Dimapur, May 22: In a bid to stop passengers travelling in autorickshaws in Dimapur from littering the roads, the autos in the city will now be equipped with small dustbins which can be used to contain dry wastes.
The initiative, which is undertaken by CAN Youth in collaboration with A Better Dimapur and Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) and powered by Dimapur Municipal Council was formally launched today here at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur through a sensitization awareness programme on litter free zone with DDADU members and others.
Speaking on the occasion, Office Superintendent of DMC Ganesh Sharma lauded the idea and said that this can be replicated in other parts of the country and can even be implemented in buses and trains.
He said that the initiative is focused on preventing littering rather than cleaning up the mess and stressed on the need of disposing garbage systemically, which otherwise would find their way to drains, clog them and lead to floods.
He asked the drivers to not empty the bins on roads but take responsibility and dump the garbage in proper places.
DDADU President Vitoshe Sema mentioned that the union doesn’t get enough support from the government and also doesn’t get acknowledge but pledged to work on making the roads of Dimapur litter free. He deposited Rs 10,000 on behalf of the union to acquire more dustbins for distribution amongst the drivers.
He asked the drivers to make the passengers understand to throw only dry wastes into the bins and not water or anything wet and stay alert.
Representing A Better Dimapur, Along Aier said that the initiative is a waste of money and resources as the same amount could have been used in something else, but taking up the project has become a necessary as people in the city are living in litters and Dimapur needs to be turned into a better place.
He blamed the mentality of people for the condition of the city and said that while people from Nagaland go outside and appreciate the cleanliness of those place, they themselves come back to home and go on throwing garbage everywhere.
“This is a small initiative that can have a big impact,” he said, stating that it is going to touch the lives of thousands of people who depend on auto rickshaws to commute and move from one place to another.
CAN Youth Chief Functionary, Jenpu Rongmei said that autos are the face of Dimapur and the initiative is the need of the hour despite how people on social media missed the idea.
He called it a responsibility for everyone and revealed that in the next month, the second phase of the initiative would begin.
During the programme, Kivitoli K Sema in her presentation said that the team had done much brainstorming to come up with a cost-effective design of the waste bins as having an expensive design would be troublesome for the drivers and if the design is poor, it would be inconvenient for the passengers too and thus after much toiling and redesigning, the present design was finalized which cost Rs 150 per unit. (Page News Service)