Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Autobiography of late Rtd Gen Mowu released

undying spirit of freedom launch
Dimapur, June 27: Autobiography of Late Rtd. Gen. Mowu, “Undying Spirit of Freedom”, was released by his wife, Tiala Mowu at her residence in Dimapur in the presence of family, well wishers and the publisher.
Dr. Walunir, in his review of the book writes, the book “Undying Spirit of Freedom” recounts the joy and satisfaction emanating from horror and pain of serving the people in dire circumstances amidst friends and foes, pain and persistence, torture and tolerance, despair and providence in the face of powerful forces-wilderness and enemy.”
In Gen. Mowu’s words, “only peace loving people struggle for freedom and liberation… because peace does not mean living under one foreign government and tyrannical authority. Peace does not mean to surrender our rights of self-determination and freedom to surrender our country to outsider.”
Dr. Walunir adds, “Undying Spirit of Freedom is the story of a selfless national fighter, who, with his comrades, with steadfast moral integrity and unwavering conviction to the cause of Naga Nationalism, gave all he had and could for all those who believe in freedom.”
The book is published by Heritage Publishing House Dimapur. (Page News Service)