Authorities inspect 3 private health centres in Dimapur

Authorities inspect 3 private health centres in Dimapur

Dimapur, July 16: State health authorities Tuesday inspected three private clinics and private hospitals in Dimapur to assess the registration of private clinics, clinic administration and pharmacy, inpatient and outpatient departments, medical facilities, security and fire emergency procedures.
The inspection was conducted at Nikos Hospital and Research Centre (NHRC) at Midland; Care Lab at Midland and Dr SK Dey Clinic near Durga Mandir. The inspection was conducted on the instructions of the Medical Directorate, Kohima. The team was led by Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dimapur, Dr Antoly and representatives from law and justice department, police and District administration and fire & emergency.
Speaking to Nagaland Page, Dr Antoly said the inspection was a routine one and it was taken up following instruction from the Medical Directorate, Kohima. “It is the responsibility of every private clinic to get themselves registered and follow the medical guidelines and procedures and we regularly do the inspections,” said Dr Antoly.
When asked on the condition of medical facilities found during inspection, Dr Antoly said on inspecting Nikos Hospital it was found to be a highly sophisticated hospital with every modern medical facilities available. “Nikos Hospital is indeed a highly upgraded hospital in Dimapur having every facilities and it’s a top ranking hospital in Dimapur. Everything is in order and it is an excellent one,” she said.
On Care Lab and Dr SK Dey Clinic she stated that both are also good.
Dr Antoly added that all private clinics should have moral responsibility to follow the medical guidelines. She said, “If any clinic is not registered than they should immediately get themselves registered. On inspection, if any private clinic or hospital is found to be unregistered than the department will take serious action against them”.
Dimapur Fire Brigade Station officer-in-charge, A Wati stated that the inspection was done on three of the five assigned clinic/hospital.
Asked on why the remaining two clinics were not inspected, A Wati said, “We successfully inspected three private clinics and were not able to inspect the other two. The owners of the two private clinics were out of station when the circular was issued to them. On their return we will carry the inspection,” he informed.
On fire emergency measures at Nikos Hospital, Wati said, “All the medical departments of Nikos are very good in terms of fire safety. The fire prevention measures are exemplary and adequate. And the hospital is installing latest systems for prevention of fire such as automatic sprinkler system, smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. It’s good to see Nikos Hospital is continuously upgrading itself with modern technologies to deal with any fire related issues if it arises in the hospital.”
Wati also informed that Care Lab is also good in terms of fire emergency measures, while Dr SK Dey clinic is also alright when it was assessed.
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