Sunday, June 13, 2021

ATMA Jakhama conducts field demonstrations

Dimapur, August 31: Field demonstration on nursery bed preparation for cole crops (Boccoli and Cabbage) were conducted on August 25 at Phesama village with an FIG of 10 youth women members.
ATMA, Atuno Zinyu gave detailed hands on demonstration on bed preparation.
Another field demonstration on cultivation practices of garlic and soya bean was conducted at Viswema village on August 26. ATMA, Neitouzo Belho gave method demonstration on cultivation of both the crops prior to field demonstration, where selection of field, type of soil, seed selection, field preparation and method of sowing were taught to the farmers through visual pictures. Ridge and furrow system was followed for sowing.
Exposure visits
District farmer’s exposure visits was also conducted for farmers of Jakhama Block under Kohima district to Tsiese Basa Coffee nursery farm and Nerhe Pheza Tea Farm School under Chiephobozou Block on August 28. The objective of the exposure visit was to enable farmers from different blocks, regions to interact with and learn from each other, allowing them to view practical examples of successful integration of sustainable practices in farming communities like their own.
At tea farm school, farm teacher, Mesechüü briefly shared on how she started her tea farm, which was later recognized by ATMA Chiephobozou block as tea farm school in 2016. Mesechüü also demonstrated on her traditional method of tea processing using traditional tools. She encouraged her fellow farmers not to lose hope in taking up any farming as it will one day reap fruits and that with this pandemic one must be able to sustain ones need which is only possible through farming.
The team also visited Coffee Nursery farm at Tsiese Basa where the farm owner, Dr Vibeilie Mere apprised the farmers on the importance, benefits, schemes and subsidies the farmers can avail in taking up coffee plantation. He stated that 32 lakhs of coffee saplings has been distributed till date in Nagaland, and that many plantations have come up successfully in different parts of the.
Once the field verification is approved, a farmer can avail free plantation material through LRD along with free training which is in turn linked with Coffee Board, then through 2 installments Rs 35,000 per installment will be given to the beneficiary. Apart from it the farmer can also avail machineries at 75% subsidy rates once it is linked with the coffee board.
Resource person also shared on the varied prices of different stages of coffee beans, from dried red cherry, pulped beans, polished beans till roasted beans. He however said that instead of pulping, polishing or roasting, even dried cherry coffee beans are in demand.
The exposure visit was attended by farm school teachers, farmer friends and member of women FIGs and FSGs under ATMA Jakhama block.
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