ATMA Changtongya organizes field day


Mokokchung, May 12: A field day on integrated farming system was organized by ATMA Changtongya Block at Sutep Lenden, an integrated farm owned by Imnatoshi (Progressive farmer) at Longkong village on May 11.
The trip was attended by 25 farmers from nine villages under Changtongya Block. BTM, Changtongya Block Temsutola, while highlighting the objectives of the trip encouraged the farmers to share their views and raise their queries so that they have a better understanding of the farming system. She added that integrated farming is one of the profitable farming systems and it is very suitable with Nagaland topography.
The proprietor of the farm, Imnatoshi shared how he was motivated to start the farm and later managed to transform into an integrated farm which has its own mini hydro-power station, improvise machines and tools for better productions.
Imnatoshi added that he improvised the farm by integrating different enterprises and oversee the overall management of the farm.
Later, the participants visited fish ponds, Mahseer hatchery, and piggery units. It was observed that farmers took interest in raising queries regarding the sustainable management process followed for an integrated farming system. (Page News Service)