Thursday, June 8, 2023

ATMA Akuhaito Block conducts demonstration at Philimi village

Dimapur, September 11: ATMA Akuhaito Block, Zunheboto conducted on field demonstrations at Philimi and Khrimtomi village on September 5. The resource person Kaiho Achumi ATM discussed and demonstrated the procedure of the topic “Field demonstration cum input distribution on cultivation of cauliflower (Candid charm) during COVID crisis”, the main aim of the programme was to disseminate the technical knowhow among the farmers on various aspects of raising and package practices of the particular crop which was new to the village.
Kivibo Achumi ATM also discussed and demonstrated the procedures on the topic “Field demonstration on Cultivation of selective demanded vegetable crops to boost rural livelihood”. Discussions and interaction was also held simultaneously, revealed that the farmers in the village usually follow traditional method of seed raising and were not properly informed about different sowing techniques practiced in raising nursery seedlings.
The participants showed enthusiasm and feedbacks were also provided. The programme was followed with the distribution of input seeds to the farmers.
ATMA Akuhaito Block, Zunheboto inaugurated “Coffee cum Cardamom farm school” at Khrimtomi village on September 7. HusatoYeptho was appointed as the farm teacher.
Meanwhile, ATMA Akuhaito Block, Zunheboto organized “Within district Farmers Exposure visit to Sericulture Farm Kuzukichika on September 8 at Akuluto Block.
Anito Achumi, Supervisor of the farm highlighted to the farmers that sericulture stands for livelihood opportunity for millions owing to high employment oriented, low capital intensive and remunerative nature of its production.
He also stated that it is a women friendly occupation which requires little physical strength unlike the tedious Jhum cultivation prevalent in the district and advised the farmers to undertake such occupation. The different step that is involved in its rearing was also practically demonstrated.
The programme ended with a feedback and discussion between the farm supervisor and the farmers. (Page News Service)