Monday, December 4, 2023

At 8, Mishanli becomes one of the youngest authors in Nagaland

Mishanli Easteryna

Mishanli Easteryna Yanthan, 8, has be come one of the youngest published writers in the state with her debut book ‘The Unforgettable Trip to Drumheller and Other Stories’ published by Heritage Publishing House.
The book was launched by Sashila Ozukum, Administrator of Hope Academy on October 24 in Dimapur. Mishanli is a student of Grade 3 at Hope Academy.

In her speech, the author said that she wrote the book to fulfill her dream of visiting the famous dinosaur museum The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller Canada, about which she came to know in 2018 through a family friend Julian Erb.

“No matter how young or old you are, you can always dream. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Believe in your heart that you can do it. And if something blocks your way in the path of your dream, find a different route and keep trying until you get there,” she said.

Congratulating the author, Sashila expressed her joy in celebrating Mishanli’s work as she made her mark as the youngest author of Heritage Publishing House at the age of 8.

Sashila wished that the author takes her dreams to higher ground, exploring her God-gifted talents, and reaching out to many children and adults with her striking stories of putting dreams into reality, giving hope to readers and beyond.

Dr. Adela Meo in her book review mentioned that the book is eye catching and well illustrated, especially for children who cannot yet read, or are in the early stages of learning to read; at the same time, it creates excitement for those who can read.
The illustrations done by Puloto Chishi, have exciting colors and has a cartoony touch to catch the attention of the young readers.