Monday, January 18, 2021

ASU issues students’ code of conduct

Dimapur, February 8: The Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has expressed concern over difficulties faced by students appearing HSLC & HSSLC examinations due to irregular power supply and has appealed to the Power Department to ensure regular power supply during examination season.
“Frequent load shedding and power outages should not come in the way of our students who deserve to be given urgent and necessary attention at this point of time. We trust that all required measures will be taken to address this particular concern,” it said in a press release.
The union also reiterated the students’ code of conduct for all students and the public in general. It said the code has been necessitated keeping in mind the well being of the daily affairs of the students as it has been brought to light that various detrimental activities are being blatantly committed by students both outside and inside many institutions.
As per the code, any students found in alcohol joints, cyber cafes or any other places in uniforms during school hours will be penalized, along with the proprietors of alcohol joints and cyber cafes. And students in uniform roaming about during school hours shall also be thoroughly checked and monitored.
The code says any students in uniform found indulging in any immoral activities shall be penalized both inside and outside the school. Beside any threat or any form of disrespecting teachers, etc. shall not be tolerated, and stern action initiated against such students.
Students forming themselves into gangs and involving in gang fights shall be seriously dealt with. Any students in uniform found taking intoxicants or any form of abusive substances shall be seriously dealt with.
The code said students in uniform below 18 years should not drive vehicles and if caught shall be panelized. Reaffirming its standing resolution against use of Government vehicles for dropping and picking up students from schools, it said this stands totally prohibited.
It advised students to dress appropriately and decently; any cases of abuse amounting to harassment of students shall not be tolerated. It said concession of students transportation fare by taxis and buses must be strictly adhered to, and any cases of breach or denial of concession must be reported immediately.
Stating that some private colleges, schools and hostels are managed by individuals for profit and business leading to astronomical rates of fees with little or no facilities; while there is also imposition of fines against failed subjects and absentees, the code strongly cautioned that such practices in some institutions have been noted and necessary action will be initiated.
Sale of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited in and around educational institutions’ and violators is liable to any action by the union for the welfare of the students.
ASU also reiterated its resolution on tuition fee structure to be maintained and adhered to in all Angami jurisdiction till further notification: Tuition fee structure include class 10 & below- Rs 500 per students as monthly fee with 5 classes a week and minimum 1 hour for every classes; home tuition rate – Rs 2000 shall be charged as monthly fee with minimum 1 hour for every class. The ratio of teacher/students for a single tuition batch should be 1:6. The above fee structure is strictly only for urban areas, and the union endorsed and directed all units to formulate their own fee structure in their respective villages and jurisdiction.
The union further informed that it will be conducting surprise checking from time to time and cautioned any person who fails to comply with the norms will be severely dealt with and requested all institutions within its jurisdiction to take note of the regulations. It urged the general public to notify the union’s office in case of any non compliance.
The public have been requested to inform the union of any such cases mentioned above or any other matters through SMS or call the convener, Public Grievance Cell at 9862288196 & 7005088681. (Page News Service)