Saturday, September 30, 2023

ASTD on selective invitation for crucial meeting

Dimapur, May 7: The Ao Senso Telongjem (ASTD) today said that not inviting the Telongjem along with other tribal bodies, civil societies and NGOs to the crucial meeting on COVID-19 on May 6 last by Deputy Commissioner Dimapur has raised huge dilemma in the minds of indigenous people in the state.
It said the actions of authorities’ fatal omission and selective invitation to only few organization have created volumes of understanding and mistrust amongst the Naga tribal brethren.
The Union in a press release issued by its president, L Wati Jamir and general secretary, K Mar Lemtur stated that without the involvement and sincere contribution of indigenous people, tribal bodies that includes all the stake holders, Civil Societies and NGO’s of the state, the Government machineries and its advisories or agencies would never be able to handle the problems and its advisories in its entirety.
The ASTD specifically stated that almost all major tribes of Naga communities have its constituent Tribal Bodies bases in Dimapur including Eastern Naga People’s Organization, Naga Tribal Council, Central Nagaland Tribal Council, besides Dimapur Naga council and Dimapur Apex Tribal Hohos respectively, wherein the ASTD is also an integral part of the Naga Communities based in Dimapur. (Page News Service)