Friday, April 19, 2024

ASTD condemns extortion demand

Dimapur, June 25: While stating that it is totally against the unabated and rampant illegal forcible tax collection on the business community in Dimapur by the Naga National Political Groups purportedly on the “item-wise” taxation, the Ao SensoTelongjem Dimapur (ASTD) condemned the unlawful act of threat and intimidation personally meted out to S Kavito Aomi, Assistant Deputy Director, Food and Civil Supplies by three persons including an individual from Ao community (Among Sangtam, Kiviho Sumi and Tiateemsu Ao) whereby the trio gad allegedly served ”Extortion demand” in the name of NSCN-K (YA) and also alleged to have threatened the officer over phone.
The ASTD, while terming the trios action as “culpable justification in a civilised society” said such action should be outrightly condemned by all right thinking citizens.
The ASTD also stated that if anyone from the Ao community is found indulging in such activities in the future under its jurisdiction and tarnish the image of the community will be punished as per the practices of the Ao Customary Laws.
The ASTD further stated that while the entire business communities of Dimapur in particular along with the rest of the state has been reeling under severe economic losses due to the global pandemic, such rampant taxation ruins the investment and also indirectly makes the public suffer the most.
The ASTD further expressed its sincere appreciation to Dimapur police for timely apprehending the culprits and appealed to the law enforcing agency to act as a deterrent against recurrence of such acts in the future. (Page News Service)