Monday, December 4, 2023
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ASTD annuls Naga Council Dimapur directions

The Ao Senso Telongjem Dimapur (ASTD) is constrained to issue this press release in response to the purported letter Dtd. 03/07/2020 issued by the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) upon ASTD, whereby the NCD through the said letter maliciously dictated the ASTD to revoke/withdraw a letter Dtd. 1st July 2020 served upon one of its bonafide member Shri. T. BangerlobaAo, the incumbent President NCD restraining his cooperation vis versa non cooperation with ASTD.
The ASTD specifically stated that Shri. T. BangerlobaAo inter alia being a bonafide member of Ao community in Dimapur is very much within the ambit of Ao’s social and customary parameter in so far as the activities of one individual’s as well as social obligation and responsibilities are concerned, that are absolutely governed by its inherent customary practices and usages of Ao’s community where neither been nor shall ever be dicated nor suppressed by any other outside force, society, group or organisation in exercising or executing its own legitimate Traditional/ Customary practices for those who do not comply with the direction or defying the order so issued from its existing Apex body/Union in or particular jurisdiction for the time being in force. And as much as the NCD has no Locus Standi to issue such unpunged letter Dtd. 03/07/2020 upon the ASTD, whereby directed and dictated the ASTD to revoke/withdraw the letter Dtd. 03/07/2020 is wholly unfounded, not tenable being nullified. It is categorically stated that, initially the ASTD has informed Shri. T. BangerlobaAo for a meeting on 25th Feb 2020 with ASTD Office bearers along with the President of all Six Ranges from Ao community as has been empowered, which he did nit complied with for said meeting without any tangible reason. Secondly, he was informed of a decision so resolved on a meeting held on 22nd June 2020 with ASTD Executives and all civil societies of Ao community based in Dimapur and thereby directed and requested him by virtue of being a bonafide member and representing the ASTD in the capacity of President of NCD to settle the present Naga Council Dimapur issue within a stipulated time bound scheme, which he neither did endeavored any move nor have complied with the decisions of ASTD considering the overrun of the stipulated period and unconstitutional excessive of incumbent NCD tenure, as such the ASTD held its emergency meeting vide letter Dtd. 29th June 2020 and after prolomged deliberation and considering his non compliance of directives and wishes of ASTD, the House unanimously resolved to issue Non-cooperation with Shri. T. BangerlobaAo from the ASTD without any specific time frame under ASTD jurisdiction, furthermore the ASTD’s letter Dtd. 1st July 2020 was served to Shri. T. BangerlobaAo on his personal capacity only but not as President of NCD, and hence the letter so served upon Shri. T. Bangerloba Ao has very much absolute and every force to stand in so far as Ao Traditonal customary practice and usage are concerned.
L. Wati Jamir                                     K. Mar Lemtur
President, ASTD                                General Secretary, ASTD