Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Assisi Peace Club members trained


Dimapur, November 21: Assisi Peace Club members were trained on how to intervene and resolve issues in their schools, in their homes and localities on November 20&21. In the 2-day training, the purpose of joining Peace Club was discussed, and other activities included sharing of experience during lockdown, meditation, personal sharing and, practicum on how to intervene in conflict situations, learnings from the training session and action plan.
The trainer was Alino S. Chishi, coordinator of Kohima District and the programme was facilitated by Ng. Alan Paul, coordinator of Dimapur District.
Alino explored the children’s understanding of peace in their own life and trained them on how to nurture their inner-peace through meditation, how to initiate “call for peace” in their classroom setting, school, and family and in their locality. She highlighted the importance of confidence building, leadership skills, principles and peer mediation processes to be developed as young peace builders.
During her introductory session, she laid down certain guidelines and rules to follow during the session that included maintaining distance from one another, respecting one another with acceptance and with non-judgmental attitude.
Altogether 31 member were trained – 17 members on the first day and 14 members on the second day. (Page News Service)