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Assembly discussion on political issue was for NSCN (IM): NPCC

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DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today accused the State Government of trying to revive the Pan Naga Hoho, which it claimed was rejected by the stakeholders. It also stated that “emotional integration with no land is a farce”.

“Hon’ble CM is trying to bring a dead issue to life but he is not Jesus. Pan Naga Hoho was rejected by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee and stakeholders. We do not agree to Pan Naga Hoho without integration of land. There is no more emotion, sensation or sentiment of relationships”, said NPCC president K Therie in a statement.
“The land is marked with thousands of graves over the years, occupied by widows and orphans. The blood has not dried on the hands of killers. The pain and sufferings continue to haunt the inherent land dwellers. Integration within States is not acceptable anymore. As blood brothers we will continue to integrate at the National Level”, he said.
Accusing the State’s Assembly of being partial to NSCN (IM), the NPCC alleged, “The State Assembly’s love is all for NSCN (IM). They are speaking more than NSCN (IM). They don’t represent their own home stakeholders, they do not represent the WC of NNPGs, they have no respect or recognition for Tribal Hohos neither for the ANGBF.”
“They have completely ignored Congress which is the main opposition party in Parliament. They do not even have respect for the head of the State i.e. Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland and Interlocutor, neither for the Hon’ble Prime Minister who has declared that the Naga issue has been resolved. Their objective is to delay the implementation of political solution which is kept in cold storage. They are weeping for Manipur Nagas. Their hearts are burning with no solution for them. The entire Assembly discussion on political issue was for NSCN (IM).”

Alleging that the elected members “consider Nagaland voters are materials which can be bought with money”, the NPCC added, “The state Assembly also thinks NSCN (IM) can rescue them in the election only. It has happened in the past and it may happen again.”
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