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Assembly deliberates Naga political issue

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Kohima, February 16: The Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) said solution to the protracted Naga political problem should be based on Naga identity and their land.

Taking part in the discussion on matter of urgent importance pertaining to “Naga political issue”, former minister and MLA, Yitachu insisted that political solution should be based recognition of Naga history, which can secure their identity for the future generations. He said Naga history should be placed at the right place so that others could recognize Nagas’ identity.
“Our history and identity should be protected,” he said.
He said Naga people have been struggling for their history and identity since the time of British imperialism, adding Nagas have not created a new history.
Yitachu said the stand of his party is clear that all 60 elected Members should share a common concern to resolve the Naga issue at the earliest. He said issue should be collectively place at the right place so that solution could come.
But Minister for Higher Education and Tribal Affairs, President of Nagaland State BJP, Temjen Imna Along said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are not confused with the Naga issue and that they wanted to give solution at the earliest. He said they know that Naga issue is unique but the delay in signing for the solution is due to division amongst Naga people, adding problem with mushrooming of groups.
Quoting Union Home Minister, Temjen said issue of flag and constitution will never happened.
He said people wanted solution and the State Government has been quite active to facilitate the peace talks.
Former Home Minister and NPF Lawmakers, Imkong L. Imchen while briefly narrating about the Naga political movement said Naga people have distinct history recounting how plebiscite was conducted in 1951 by Naga National Council (NNC) led by A Z Phizo. He said the response from the people was overwhelming. But he said in order to supersede the Naga plebiscite, Naga People’s Convention (NPC) was formed by the (Intelligence Bureau) and Nagaland State was formed through 16 Point Memorandum, but political problem continued and the Union Government started political talks with the NNC/Federal Government of Nagaland. But talks failed, which was followed by 1975 Shillong Accord here major chunk of NNC surrendered, but again political issue continued.
The NPF leader said Framework Agreement of August 3, 2015 was politically significant, but still there are for and against the agreement. He said Framework Agreement is a corner stone in political context.
He said Prime Minister has offered 80% of solution and leave the rest for future discussion.
Imkong asked Naga political leaders to be more diplomatic and have flexibility with the issue, adding Naga people have been longing for honourable and acceptable solution.
He further asked the negotiating parties to accommodate the voice of the elected members, adding that opinion expressed by the State Assembly should not be taken lightly or underestimated.
MLA Poiwang front the Nationalist Democratic People’s Party (NDPP) said with fractured voice solution would continue to elude the Naga people and insisted that unity be first before solution. He said even MLAs are divided at a time when people wanted solution to come early.
NPF Legislator Toyang Chang who initiated the discussion suggested that roadmap be drafted to reach for a common voice. “We must be pragmatic in our approaches” he said. He said what is achievable should be accepted by the Naga groups.
Former Speaker and NPF lawmaker, Chotisuh reiterated for Naga integration and demanded for implementation of all Clauses of 16 Point Agreement.
Home Minister, Y. Patton said people are optimistic about the talks and asked Naga groups to have commitment to resolve the issue and find a solution without delay.
Another lawmaker from NPF party, Y. Vikheho Swu said solution can come through understanding and honouring each other.
Minister for Agriculture and Cooperation, G. Kaito Aye said Government of India and Naga groups should be reasonable to each other and hammer out solution to give hope to the people.
Former Minister and MLA from NPF Party, Dr. Chumben Murry said there havr been various interpretations of Framework Agreement which has also delayed the solution. He also urged Centre to take Nagaland Assembly into confidence so that peace process can be accelerated. (Page News Service)