Assault on woman in Changki: ACAUT for uniform civil code in VCs of Nagaland

Assault on woman in Changki: ACAUT for  uniform civil code in VCs of Nagaland

Dimapur, March 9: In the wake of the incident of violence and crime perpetuated against an elderly woman by a group of people from Changki Village Council, ACAUT Nagaland today said if Nagaland has to go at par with the rest of the world then it must begin with changes at the grassroots i.e. from village level.
It said the Government should facilitate in bringing about a uniform civil code in Village Councils of Nagaland to bring the VCs in tune with times and the spirit of modern democracy.
In a press release issued by its co-chairman, Tia Longchar and convenor, public liaison, Simon Kelio, ACAUT said the CVC interrogated, brutalized and assaulted her in the Village Council hall simply because she exercised her right to vote and voted against the unlawful declared village candidate of the Village Council (VC).
It said the perpetuators of this crime have committed a gross human rights violation and tarnished the image of the Village Council, which deserves condemnation from all fair minded people and organizations.
It also said that a video was circulated in social media showing a group of men from Mongsenyimti Village intimidating women and preventing them from going to the polling station making a mockery of the free and fair election mandated by the election commission of India.
While condemning the mal-practices committed during election by individuals and group, the ACAUT said it is simply not acceptable, when a prestigious and revered institution like the village councils, who are supposed to act watchdogs against such transgression, are the ones who are the biggest violators of justice.
It also questioned the loop holes in the process of election, as to how the Changki Village Council was able to know who the victim and three other people voted, when voting is supposed to be done secretly.
It also asked in-spite of the 144Crpc being imposed in all the District of Mokokchung, how were these group of men able to prevent women voters from voting in Mongsenyimti village.
The ACAUT said the actions of the few greedy VC members during the election by declaring village candidates have tarnished the once revered and respected village councils by allowing it to be misused by politicians and succumbing to partisan politics, the arbitrary and dictatorial attitude by unscrupulous few, is certainly making VC’s seem more of a bane than boon for Nagas.
Meanwhile, ACAUT Nagaland applauded the Mokokchung Deputy Commissioner Sachin Jaiswal for his prompt action and appealed to the district administration and law enforcers to leave no stone unturned in brining the culprits to book and ensure that the justice is upheld. (Page News Service)