Friday, June 18, 2021
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Assault on doctor: IMA Nagaland demand suspension of erring police personnel


Dimapur, April 4: The Indian Medical Association Nagaland Chapter has demanded immediate suspension of all those police personnel involved in the attack on Dr Sezo on April 3 night failing which the medical fraternity will have no other recourse but to go on indefinite strike.
“To ensure that no more medical personnel or civilians will face the mindless brutality of these men, the IMA calls for their immediate suspension,” it demanded.
In a statement, the IMA Nagaland said without the COVID-19 threat, the medical fraternity would have immediately ceased all services and gone on indefinite strike in protest.
“However these are extraordinary times which is why the IMA is looking to Police authorities to bring swift justice to Dr Sezo’s attackers failing which we will have no other recourse but to go on indefinite strike,” it warned.
“When the medical fraternity is risking their own lives to ensure the safety of the general public, assaulting a defenseless doctor while he was on duty for the flimsy reason of not wearing a mask in unjustifiable,” it stated.
Stating that not only the public, but medical personnel need protection and security to carry out their duties, without which out battle against this deadly virus is already lost, the IMA said, “With this heinous act, the perpetrators have demonstrated that they do not realize how indispensable a doctor is at a time like this. Even worse, they have ensured that there will be one less doctor to fight in the frontlines.
“Taking these factors into account, it is clear that these irresponsible & savage persons have violated the mandate for which they were put on duty and pose as great threat to society as the COVID-19 virus,” it stated.
“We are aware that a plague of death is at our doorsteps. The medical fraternity is prepared to face it. Our only prayer is that we are allowed to fight our battle without being ambushed by the very people we are trying to protect,” the IMA added. (Page News Service)