Wednesday, June 16, 2021
North East

Assam villagers beat up militants caught smuggling arms

GUWAHATI, November 3: Residents of a village in southern Assam today caught two suspected Naga militants while they were allegedly trying to smuggle a large cache of arms and ammunition into a neighbouring district. The men were reportedly beaten up before being handed over to the police.
Terrorist groups have traditionally used the Harinagar village, which falls in Cachar district, as a transit point for transporting contraband material to other parts of the region. Police are yet to reveal the identities of the two accused who were allegedly trying to smuggle the weapons into Dima Hasao district.
According to the police, 4 Naga militants were trying to move the arms under stacks of bamboo around 11 am when they were stopped by villagers. Fearing that the load would be inspected, they attacked the villagers with sharp weapons. Although the villagers managed to overpower two of the terrorists, their companions managed to flee.
The villagers were still beating the accused when police personnel arrived at the spot, reports said. They were then admitted to the Silchar Medical College Hospital in a critical condition.
Police said they recovered a 12-bore single barrel rifle, three AK-56 rifles, a Chinese LMG rifle, two 5.56-mm rifle, a .22 pistol, 308 rounds of 5.56-mm bullets, 361 rounds of 7.62-mm bullets and a hand grenade, among other articles, from the terrorists’ possession. (ndtv)