Monday, September 27, 2021
North East

Assam, Nagaland zoos’ bid to conserve serrow

GUWAHATI, MAY 23: In a first, an animal has been transferred to the State Zoo from Nagaland Zoo on a loan basis in a bid to conserve one of the endangered species native to both these states.
The State Zoo has been recognised by the Central Zoo Authority as the coordinating zoo for conservation breeding of the Himalayan serrow. Now Nagaland Zoo, Dimapur, has joined as a participating zoo.
The State Zoo had only 2 female serrows and the Nagaland Zoo had only 1 male. Left as they are, both the zoos would have lost the species in course of time. But the zoos decided to bring them together to give them an opportunity to breed.
After due deliberation between the 2 Chief Wildlife Wardens, Head of forest forces of the respective states and with special intervention and deliberation between of the Assam Forest Minister with his Nagaland counterpart, the Nagaland zoo agreed to spare the lone male serrow to the Assam zoo on a loan basis for an initial period of 1 year, which may be extended if the breeding turns out to be successful.
Dr Bijoy Gogoi of the Assam State Zoo led the team from Guwahati to Nagaland and brought the male serrow to Guwahati safely on May 18. The male is named ‘Chiku’ and the 2 females are ‘Pampi’ and ‘Rani’. (Courtesy: AT)