Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Assam: First test tube baby born at 151 Base Hospital in Guwahati

Guwahati, May 24: The Army 151 Base Hospital in Guwahati added another feather to its camp when the first test tube (IVF) baby was born in the hospital on Wednesday last.
This was informed in a defence press release issued on Thursday.
The first successful pregnancy was delivered to a proud couple RT Yadav and Sadana on Wednesday by a team of doctors comprising Lt Col Nagaraja N, Lt Col Deepak Patil and Lt Col Kusum Khati. A healthy male baby was born at 09:22 am on that day weighing 2.6 kg.
Both baby and mother are stated tobe doing well and they were greeted and blessed by Dr Leena Rawat Singh, chairperson, FWC, Basistha Military station and Col Archana Saikia Tyagi, senior registrar 151 Base Hospital.
The couple was suffering from infertility for the past three years. There was no chance of natural conception in their case as both the fallopian tubes were blocked. The newly proud parents are extremely happy to see their baby and thanked everyone who made this beautiful project for the welfare of the soldiers.
This highly challenging task was possible only because of an exceptional service by the team of 151 Base hospital, Guwahati.
Infertility is a common and stressful situation to the couple, who are unable to conceive despite a happy married life.
ART Centre (Assisted Reproductive Technology Centre -Test tube baby centre) was established at 151 Base Hospital, Guwahati, to fulfill the dream of parenthood to such couple of Armed Forces.
It was formally inaugurated on October 22, 2018 by the then GOC 101 Area. This is the only IVF centre for the Armed Forces in the entire Eastern command and Eastern Air Command.
This IVF centre has the state-of-the-art facility to match with the international standards and provides services of advanced IVF procedures like ICSI, cryopreservation and fertility preservation.
There are over 275 who are already registered so far. Under the guidance of Brig Y Singh, Commandant 151 Base hospital, a dedicated team under the leadership of Lt Col Nagaraja N started the IVF work nine months back, which has resulted in many successful pregnancies.
Hard work by the team has resulted in 50 more pregnancies which are lined up for delivery from now onwards, this facility at 151 Base hospital has boosted the morale of the troops.
(Courtesy: NE Now)