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Aspiration of people of Nagaland needs a bigger platform: NPP

Mutchu Mithi scaled

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 4: National General Secretary of National People’s Party (NPP), Mutchu Mithi today said the party is working hard to increase its footprints in Nagaland.
Stating that NPP had participated in the last Assembly elections in Nagaland and had won two seats, Mithi said unfortunately, they lost both the MLAs. However, he said the NPP will fight the next elections with more energy so that we get bigger footprints.
Addressing media persons here, he said Nagaland is not only important for the NPP but the whole of Northeast region “because we realize that people of Nagaland asserts their regional identity with religious vigour.”
He said in the last 4 to 5 years, the regional identity of every State needs a common platform. While the regional parties in Nagaland are ruling the Government for the last more than 20 years but their presence is contained to the State of Nagaland only.
“We believe the aspiration of the people of Nagaland needs a bigger platform. This is the region why we want to increase our footprints in Nagaland”” he said, adding that is our national ambition also.
On a query about number of candidates they would set up in Nagaland, Mithi said it is too early to say the figures. He said for them it is important to see the organizations structure as present.
He also said that the NPP is with the NDA at the National level but in the State they have their own ideologies. He also said that right now it is not conducive to talk about any kind of alliance arrangement with political parties.
Mithi, who is going to see the party’s poll preparedness in Manipur, said that they are hoping that NPP will get large number of MLAs this time.
When asked about the main agenda for the polls, Mithi said that they are also fighting for the repeal of AFSPA. He said the party is fighting for the repeal of AFSPA in Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. “We are fighting pan-Northeast”, he added.
Replying to a query on money culture during elections, he said two the States in the Northeast ~ Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh ~ spend large amount of money in elections.
Questioning the source of the money, the NPP National general secretary said, the money comes from the State coffers only. Until there is a transparent government, this money culture cannot be stopped, he said.
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