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ASA 50th Meet 2022: NASA continues to reign medals tally

ASA 50th Meet 2022
Glimpses of athletic events on day two of ASA 50th meet 2022 in Kohima on February 15. (Photo Courtesy Viko).

Kohima, February 15: The Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) continued to lead the medals tally at the ongoing 50th Meet of Angami Sports Association (ASA) during the first two days of the athletic events held at Indira Gandhi Stadium.
NASA hauled a total of 46 medals with 17 Gold, 18 Silver and 11 Bronze to be on the top position.
Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) with 9 Gold, 8 Silver and 10 Bronze is in second position while Chakhroma Youth Organization (CYO) is third with one each Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Notably, Western Angami Youth Organization (WAYO) opened its account with 2 Bronze today.
Meanwhile, Neiketoulie Belho of NASA have been declared as men’s athletics individual champion for securing four Gold in 100m Race, 200m Race, Long Jump and High Jump.
Abeino Neihu of SASA bagged women’s athletics individual champion for securing three Gold in 100m Race, 200m Race and Long Jump including two Silver in 400m Race and Triple Jump.
Meanwhile, football, volleyball , sepaktakraw, badminton and Table Tennis events will take place on February 16 at Indira Gandhi Stadium and Tsiesema Ground.
Day 2 Results are as follows:
Javelin Throw (Men)
1st: Medo Linyü (CYO) 48.92 Metres
2nd: Kekhrüvil Kikhi (SASA) 48.16 Metres
3rd: Tepuvikho Kulnu (SASA) 46.25 Metres
Discus Throw (Women)
1st: Khriesasienuo Whuorie (NASA) 23.18 Metres
2nd: Medonguno Mejura (SASA) 22.20 Metres
3rd: Kekhrüzonu Khizho (SASA) 21.65 Metres
100 Metre Race (Men)
1st: Neiketoulie Belho (NASA) 10.88 Sec
2nd: Kevichütuo Lhoungu (NASA) 11.21 Sec
3rd: Seyievizo Kire (NASA) 11.34 Sec
100 Metre Race (Women)
1st: Abeino Neihu (SASA) 14.03 Sec
2nd: Rüduolhounuo Belho (NASA) 14.09 Sec
3rd: Neivotsonuo Chuse (SASA) 14.10 Sec
200 Metre Race (Men)
1st: Neiketoulie Belho (NASA) 22.75 Sec
2nd: Kevichütuo Lhoungu (NASA) 23.03 Sec
3rd: Mhasiletuo Yhome (NASA) 23.81 Sec
200 Metre Race (Women)
1st: Abeino Neihu (SASA) 28.69 Sec
2nd: Akhrienuo Linyü (NASA) 29.16 Sec
3rd: Rüduolhounuo Belho (NASA) 29.21 Sec
High Jump (Men)
1st: Neiketoulie Belho (NASA) 1.80 Metre
2nd: Keneitseizo Belho (NASA) 1.80 Metre
3rd: Ato Chutso (SASA) 1.75 Metre
Triple Jump (Women)
1st: Akhrienuo Linyü (NASA) 9.18 Metre
2nd: Abeino Neihu (SASA) 9.17 Metre
3rd: Alivino Chuse (SASA) 9.09 Metre
5000 Metre Race (Men)
1st: Tsole Yhokha (SASA) 16.51.90 Min
2nd: Thejakhrielie Mechülho (NASA) 17.39.34 Min
3rd: Keviselhou Sirie (WAYO) 17.40.12 Min
3000 Metre Race (Women)
1st: Khriezelhounuo Keyho (NASA) 12.17.32 Min
2nd: Ruokuosanuo Kire (NASA) 12.24.22 Min
3rd: Avono Zashümo (SASA) 13.00.28 Min
400 Metre Race (Men)
1st: Dupisa Pucho (SASA) 52.72 Sec
2nd: Keneitseizo Belho (NASA) 52.84 Sec
3rd: Dziesezotuo Rutsa (NASA) 53.81 Sec
400 Metre Race (Women)
1st: Rüduolhounuo Belho (NASA) 1.07.47 Min
2nd: Abeino Neihu (SASA) 1.08.25 Min
3rd: Kelhouneinuo Rutsa (NASA) 1.12.94 Min
Javelin Throw (Women)
1st: Kevimesanuo Sote (NASA) 23.28 Metre
2nd: Vingouzino Chuse (SASA) 21.88 Metre
3rd: Kedoneino Peseyie (WAYO) 20.35 Metre
Discus Throw (Men)
1st: Khrietseizo Khiezhie (NASA) 32.22 Metre
2nd: Vizosietuo Pienyü (NASA) 30.52 Metre
3rd: Medo Linyü (CYO) 30.45 Metre
800 Metre Race (Women)
1st: Khriezelhounuo Keyho (NASA) 2.40.69 min
2nd: Ruokuosanuo Kire (NASA) 2.41.06 Min
3rd: Avono Zashümo (SASA) 2.45.13 Min
800 Metre Race (Men)
1st: Tsole Yhokha (SASA) 2.03.47 Min
2nd: Kelethuto Kin (SASA) 2.08.84 Min
3rd: Kevise Belho (NASA) 2.09.97 Min
4 x 400 Metre Mixed Relay
1st: NASA (Dziesezotuo Rutsa/ Keneitseizo Belho/ Kelhouneinuo Rutsa/ Rüduolhounuo Belho) 4.06.60
2nd: SASA (Dupisa Pucho/ Vizapo Phinyo/ Neivotsono Chuse/ Abeino Neihu) 4.14.25 Min
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