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“As air denotes life, so does legal education for democratic society”

Over decades, private colleges have played a significant role in achieving quality education in the State. And with the advancement of various Educational Institutes in the State, the literacy rate has been resultantly enlarged upto 79.55% as per 2011 Census. Amongst many other professional Colleges, the three Law Colleges in Nagaland recognized by the Bar Council of India are Kohima Law College, Mokokchung Law College and City Law College. Legal education is the true essence of a democratic society as the ambit of legal education is not limited only to production of efficient Lawyers and Judges. It is the instrument which sets the ecology for democracy to survive and thrive, obligating every citizen to know the Law.
The importance of proper functional Law college does not require any elaborate explanation. As Law classes are conducted based on extensive Moot Court, Court Trial Observation, Field Research etc. It can be gauged that the Law colleges in the State ultimately form the foundation of an efficacious judicial system. The Bar and the Bench which form the bedrock of the Indian legal system are almost entirely dependent on the products of these Law colleges. It, therefore, goes without saying that only a properly managed Law college can produce future quality Lawyers and Judges.
Education of Law in Nagaland is pursued only by students who can afford the course at the minimal fee. To enable the interested students, Law colleges in Nagaland are charging fees at the lowest as compared to Law colleges outside the state. Pursuance of well Law centric personalities is the priority of the state Law colleges against the financial independence.
The current affiliation cum inspection fee charged by the Bar Council of India per College amounts to Rs.5,50,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh Fifty Thousand) annually. For the three Law Colleges, the annual affiliation cum inspection fee to the Bar Council of India (B.C.I.) has become a matter of great concern. In view of the fact, the State Law colleges had struggled with the non-acceptance of the Law graduates in the Roll of Advocates since 2018. And after much effort, the bar on Enrolment has been recently lifted. Having experienced much pecuniary situation, recent recognition of the need to enhance Grant-In-Aid to private Colleges by Shri. Temjen Imna Along, Minister of Higher Education & Tribal Affairs at the interaction session with the Private College Association of Nagaland on 25.04.2022 at E-Edge College, Dimapur is a boon. The acknowledgment by the Minister to enhance the Grant-In-Aid met with assurance to effectuate the same is a positive approach towards upliftment and advancement of all the stakeholders.
Legal education not only educates the professional Advocates, but also Judicial Officers, Law makers and the Public. An established Law Colleges compliments good governance. It is the need of the hour to acknowledge that Nagas once confined to parochial community limits have penetrated barriers of civilization for a vibrant, diverse and tolerant society. Needless to say, 21st Century Nagaland is heading towards a dynamic stature. Contented with recent assurance, it would not be wrong to comprehend that continuous timely addressal of such requirements by our Elected Representatives would consequently relieve the State from stagnation and deprivation to evolve and attain its truest potential.
At the bedrock of the recent assurance, the attention of the concerned authorities of the State may humbly be drawn towards the existing three Law Colleges. These three Law colleges are endorsed with the responsibilities to train, equip and able the Social-Engineers of society. They are assets of the State and are at much need of substantial assistance. Therefore, espousing the proactive task of our Minister, it is earnestly encouraged that the enhancement of the annual Grant-In-Aid to Kohima Law College, Mokokchung Law College and City Law College be further enhanced to meet the affiliation cum inspection fee of the Bar Council of India. “As air denotes life, so does legal education for democratic society.”
President, Nagaland Law Students’ Federation, NLSF (2019-2021)
President, Mokokchung Law College Students’ Union (2014-2018)
Para Legal Volunteer (PLV), Mokokchung District Legal Services Authority (MDLSA) (2015-2018)