Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Arunachal: First ever sighting of Takin in Tawang district captivates locals

ITANAGAR, MAY 27: In an unprecedented event Takins also known as gnu goats were sighted for first time in Tawang district. This brought excitement and awe to local community. Takins, locally known as Kemya in Monpa language were spotted in Taksang village. Zemithang soon saw images and videos. These quickly went viral on social media.
The initial sighting was reported by Indian Army. They were near T Gompa in Tripe Heights. This location is along the India-China border. The sighting occurred last Friday. Earlier this month lone Takin was observed near the sacred Chhamling Tso Lake. It had separated from its group. It lost its way. The local community was thrilled by occurrence. A resident explained “It is believed that these Takins come from Bhutan side. This is for first time that it has been captured on camera.”
Lumla MLA Tsering Lhamu, whose constituency includes Zemithang, expressed delight at the news. “I am thrilled to learn that our beautiful region has been graced by presence of Takins. Mystical creatures are known locally as Kemya”, Lhamu shared on Facebook. “Their majestic appearance has left us in awe. I believe this sighting brings blessings and good fortune to community.”
Lhamu further emphasized significance of such encounters. She highlighted rich biodiversity of the region. “Such encounters are rare and auspicious. They remind us of the rich biodiversity that surrounds us.” Takins are well-known in Dibang Valley district. They are often studied by researchers from around the world. These particular Takins are referred to as Mishmi Takins. The recent sightings in Tawang district mark the first time these animals have been captured on camera in this area. Many locals mentioned that this was their first time seeing Takins in the district, adding to the excitement and wonder.
The sighting of these mystical creatures has not only captivated local community but also emphasized ecological richness of region. It has inspired both locals and visitors to appreciate and protect their natural heritage. (Courtesy: The Sentinel)