Saturday, January 23, 2021

ARTC&S troops rescue civilians from drowning

Dimapur, June 20: The Assam Rifles rescued 4 civilians from drowning after the vehicle they were travelling was swept away downstream by sudden flash flood while crossing the Disagphu Rivulet near Pimla Gate of the Assam Rifles Training Centre & School on June 18.
A release issued by the ARTC&S said on Jun 18 at around 7:45 pm a gypsy carrying five civilian passengers was crossing Disagphu Rivulet when the vehicle along with the passengers was swept by a sudden flash flood downstream.
The sentry post at Pimla gate immediately raised an alarm, and Colonel P J Prabhakaran along with Lt Col Saurabh Aithmian and his team rushed to the spot to rescue the drowning civilians in pitch darkness from slippery banks of the gushing river, the release said. The Assam Rifles rescue team managed to retrieve four passengers and saved their lives by pulling them out from the river safely.
The rescue efforts were highly lauded and appreciated by the family members and neighboring villagers, the release informed. (Page News Service)