Arshilu Ozukum, winner of Top Acts (Season 3) releases new music video

Last Goodbye

Arshilu Ozukum, an artist from Kohima, Nagaland and also the winner of Top Acts (Season 3, 2020) has released a new Music Video titled “Last Goodbye”. The artist stated that the song is about experiences that he has been through in the past few years.
It highlights issues of being in a toxic relationship and having trust issues with your intimate partner. The track is heavily backed with drum, bass and 808s but on close listen is filled with a heart-rending emotional tone.
“The perfect relationship that we envision can sometimes go wrong until it leads to a dead end where we are left with no option but to bid farewell and that is what this song “Last Goodbye” is all about,” the artist said.
The song was recorded at and the Music Video was made by Nestvibe Media with Macnivil as the Director.
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