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ARK Foundation conducts programme on substance abuse at Jalukie

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 1: ARK Foundation with support from the Social Welfare Department conducted 2 programs on substance use prevention, management and co- morbidities with the drug users from TFA NGO and OST Centre, Jalukie town on March 26.

Ketho Angami, President, ARK Foundation, speaking as the resource person, briefed them about the initial stages of addiction and how people usually start their addiction and how their life becomes unmanageable due to the drug use habit.
He emphasized on the nature of drug use and its harmful effects on the individual and the society at large, while also urging them to seek timely interventions and access health and drug related treatment service to recover from the disease of addiction. The resource person also highlighted some problems due to the use of drug i.e Risk of overdose, HIV transmission through injection, TB, Viral Hepatitis etc,.
In his briefing on all these diseases, Ketho started by saying, that the main concern is the lack of awareness and the information which results in the spread, while also there is the challenge for easy access to all such test and treatment facilities in our state.
Though overdose case incidents have decreased drastically, he urged them not to be complacent but to remain vigilant by preventing the likelihood of an overdose occurrence by minimizing the amount of drug use. He also highlighted on the management of an overdose, by stating that it can be managed and reverse only through the administration of Naloxone injection.
Emphasizing on some of the prevention, testing and treatment of all drug related co-morbidities, he apprised the participants about the need to always follow preventive measures while for those who had practiced risk behaviors in the past to access all such services which are being initiated as part of national programs. He, therefore, encouraged the participants to seek early test and treatment.
Mentioning about Tuberculosis in aspect of creating awareness, prevention and treatment of TB , he informed how TB becomes a killer disease if left untreated, how it spreads and why drug users are susceptible to getting the infection. Towards this, he urged them to seek testing services and treatment.
On the issue of Viral hepatitis, he stressed on the importance of Viral Hepatitis as a silent killer with it as one of the major concern apart from HIV, and TB. He lamented that unfortunately, many have died due to lack of facilities and treatment. However, with much advocacy and series of other strategies, India rolled out its national program in the year 2018. Though Nagaland state also has launched its program in line with the national program, he lamented that it is still not widely made available to the people who needs it particularly in the eastern and other parts of Nagaland.

He concluded by encouraging them to practice safe and healthy habits and to keep away from such drug use and co morbidities. (Page News Service)