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Arise Comrades, the battle is here

In the year 1951, the famous Naga Plebiscite was conducted to express the desire of Nagas and to prove the world that Nagas were and will be an independent nation. It is also said that some members put their thumb impression in blood. History is the witness that Nagas were never a part of India or Myanmar or British or any other nation, nor do we want to be part of any.
After India and Myanmar invaded Nagalim, Nagas have gone through the darkest era. Hundreds of villages were burnt (some burnt after rebuilding), thousands of lives taken. If one have to recollect, pregnant women were forced to deliver in full public view, women were raped in church, men were hung upside down with chillies burnt on the ground, men were forced to urinate on bucket filled with water which is connected to live wire in order to electrocute the genitals, men were hung upside down and dipped on water tanks, hands& legs were tied and stuffed into sacks etc. It was a complete reign of terror in the Naga Hills. It is believed that the tortures meted by the Indian security forces upon the Nagas is one of the most inhumane the world have ever witnessed.
India and Myanmar forcibly divided the Nagas taking no consideration of the peoples’ wishes or consent. One of the many evidence is, the international boundary runs through a house, the chief of Longwa village dines in Myanmar occupied Nagalim and sleeps in Indian occupied Nagalim. India knowing that Nagas wouldn’t bend their knees, divided us to confuse and distort the history. To execute the plan, Nagaland state was created as to please few Naga people by enticing them with short term benefits. The post and chair that we are enjoying today in the state government is nothing but a gift born out of the struggles and sacrifices given by our forefathers. It should be noted that it is a gift and not a right. One should not forget that, for the very existence of the movement, the state enjoys all the benefits and attention.
In the journey of Naga movement, many sold the rights for their benefits during the Shillong Accord, yet many stood firm, unshaken till date. Today, as the Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagalim are nearing to seal the final deal, we are witnessing the likes of those people who misled the nation during the Shillong Accord. With so many ideologies and so many factions it is not so easy to identify which is black and which is white. But after the Convener, KitoviZhimomi, Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups, expressed his desire and views in the interview done by Nagaland Post, it is now very clear who is sincerely fighting for the Nation and who is fighting for packages that limits to themselves. Such demands leaving the legitimate right and the identity of the Naga Nation shall not be accepted. It would be a history of mistake to be repeated. I would like to remind them that 99.99% in the Naga plebiscite of 1951 favoured for a sovereign and independent Nagaland (Nagalim) and not to be kept under the Indian Union. In fact, they should be afraid, be very afraid to deny the Naga flag. For the flag was given by God Himself and not by any living man. So, denying the flag is denying God. Both the living and death would curse upon them whosoever agrees for any deal or agreement leaving the flag and constitution.
It is time; we rise up from our sleep and slumber no more. It is time; we unite and fight for a better future. Our friends in the past have laid down their lives so that we could have a better life, they didn’t sacrifice their lives for India or Myanmar, they sacrificed their lives for the Nagas. Arise comrades, the battle is here.
Z N Venuh
Toulazouma Village