Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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AR trying to destroy peace process: NSCN (IM)


– Condemns killing of 2 NSCN members in Arunachal
– Says ceasefire is without territorial limit

Dimapur, July 13: The NSCN (IM) has accused the Assam Rifles of “trying to destroy the peace process initiated by the Government of India” by killing Naga national workers in total disregard of the cease fire and the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process.
“The NSCN in its sincere quest for peace has instead become a victim of the cease fire. The NSCN has lost more members during the cease fire period beginning from August 1997 till date when compared to the number of casualties during the non-cease fire period. Is this the price the Nagas have to pay for demanding peace and unity from the GoI?
“The Nagas showing more maturity than the Indians has remain patient for too long like a sitting duck while the Indian Army personnel continues to run amok in Nagalim and went on rampage against the Naga national workers reaping self-glory and medals after medals from the Indian Government with total disregard to the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process,” it said.
The NSCN (IM) accusation comes against the backdrop of the killing of two NSCN workers in an alleged “encounter” with Assam Rifles at Senua Noksa village of Longding district in Wancho Region on July 11 last.
The NSCN (IM) claimed that the two NSCN workers, Tenwang Wangsa from Senua Noksa village and Acham Wangsu from Longphong village (both Razou Peyus and unarmed) were killed by the 16th Assam Rifles in full view of the villagers on July 11 but the AR claimed that they were killed in an encounter. The NSCN alleged that Assam Rifles personnel entered the village and captured the two men after overpowering and killing them at the residence of the deputy village chief.
“The dead bodies were kept in the custody of the Assam Rifles personnel who kept firing point blanks the whole night to mislead the villagers that the two were killed in encounter. The dead bodies were handed over to the family and villagers after 3 pm the next day on 12th July, 2018,” it claimed.
Stating that the question of encounter or the Assam Rifles personnel coming under fire from the victims or weapons captured from the victims are “baseless, ridiculous and highly malicious”, the NSCN (IM) said, “Civil functionaries of GPRN normally don’t wear camouflage and are unarmed except for the higher functionaries who are entitled to small arms for protection. The Assam Rifles claim is merely a hog wash.”
Reminding that the former Indian Prime Minister, AB Vajpayee in a meeting with the NSCN leaders in 2002 at Osaka, Japan had said, “Where there is a fighting, there will be cease fire, as per the agreement signed on June 14, 2001 at Bangkok,” the NSCN (IM) said that agreement still stands and the cease fire between the NSCN and the GoI is without territorial limit. It lamented that despite the cease fire ground rules review committee meeting of the NSCN and GoI on June 8 last at Chumukedima, the Indian Army continues to play the spoilsport.
“Perhaps, the Assam Rifles is trying to destroy the peace process initiated by the Government of India and face the worst consequences,” it added. (Page News Service)