Thursday, June 13, 2024

AR Rahman unveils docu-film on Nagaland music at Cannes Film Festival


Dimapur, May 20: Academy, Oscar and Golden Globe Award-winning composer Padma Bushan Dr. AR Rahman unveiled the first look and teaser of a feature documentary titled ‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’.
According to a DIPR bulletin, the unveiling took place at the 77th Cannes Film Festival in France. Rahman was flanked by Advisor to Chief Minister and Chairman Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN), Abu Metha, and Chairman of Task Force for Music & Arts, Theja Meru.
‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’, directed by Rohit Gupta and produced by AR Rahman, delves into the intriguing journey of rhythm and sound, charting music’s growth through generations, it stated.
While talking about the feature documentary, Rahman said, “Music has this transformative power to change society and to connect and bring relevance to existence. ‘Headhunting to Beatboxing’ is a celebration of this universal rhythm that unites humanity in its diverse expressions. We look forward to the start of its film festival journey and what better than Cannes which celebrates cinema to make the first announcement on the film”.
From the ancient traditions of headhunting tribes to the musical renaissance in the State, the documentary promises to take audiences on an immersive and enlightening musical anthropological odyssey, it stated.
Abu Metha stated: “The germ of the idea came up when AR Rahman visited Nagaland to be part of the legendary Hornbill Festival. We knew we had to be part of it. The film is a collaboration of many creative minds, especially the TaFMA and masterfully captured by director Rohit Gupta. The real heroes are the musicians of Nagaland, who tell stories that go back to times immemorial and their music exemplifies the ambition of our youth.”
Director Rohit Gupta said: “The rich and vibrant music today, transcending the scars of the past is something that truly blew me away during the making. I am excited to see audiences witness our hard work and the magic that exists in the music of Nagaland”.
Theja Meru thanked the musicians and artistes of Nagaland and emphasised that Nagaland’s music story would be told in a positive manner to the global community.
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