Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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April 3 incident: STF personnel apologize to Dr Sezo

Dimapur, April 13: Dr Nosezol Sezo Rote, serving as Senior Medical Officer under CMO Dimapur, and who is also a quarantine officer for COVID-19 duty has accepted the apology of Special Task Force (STF) Nagaland personnel and forgave them in true Christian spirit.
A compromise meeting with regard to April 3 incident, where personnel from STF Nagaland physically assaulted a doctor on duty was held today at Kohima.
In the meeting, the 3 STF personnel tendered public apology to Dr.Nosezol Sezo Rote serving as Senior Medical Officer under CMO Dimapur, and who is also a Quarantine officer for COVID-19 duty, his family members, relatives, Kidima village, Medical Department, Police, President, Indian Medical Association, President, Nagaland In Service Association, President, Nagaland Medical Council, and to the general public in the presence of Dr. V Sakhrie, Advisor to Chief Minister Nagaland.
In their apology letter, the personnel from the STF Nagaland admitted that the action meted out to Dr. Sezo on the midnight of April 3 at Purana Bazaar Dimapur as unwarranted, indiscipline and lack of respect to a doctor on duty and hence owned moral responsibility for creating such unpleasant incident. The STF personnel promised not to repeat such unfortunate act in future and further assured that they would sincerely and diligently continue to serve the public for their safety and security and not otherwise.
In view of the public apology tendered by the trio, Dr. Nosezol Sezo Rote forgave them in the true Christian spirit and in view of the extra ordinary prevailing situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Nagaland and also keeping in mind the utmost importance of public health. (Page News Service)