Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Appreciation to the PWD (R&B) Nagaland

Dear Madam
The Bade Village Council would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Public Works Department (Roads & Bridges), Nagaland for maintaining the Doyapur Road from Seluophe to Manglumukh village under Dimapur District. It is worth mentioning that the said stretch of road was neglected for a long time and was in a deplorable condition causing extreme inconvenience to commuters. However, the filling of Potholes with sand gravels is currently underway initiated by PWD (Road & Bridges) Dimapur Division. This has eased the gravity of public suffering to a large extent. The Council appreciates the service of Kihovi Yepthomi, J.E Dhansiripar for overseeing the execution of work and continuously visiting the work-site. In particular, the Council acknowledges the R&B, Dimapur Division for understanding the hardship faced by the community in the area and assure full cooperation to the Department for the success and timely execution of the ongoing work.
Kiesalie Thopi
Chairman, Bade Village Council