Friday, April 19, 2024
Page Mail

Appreciation to ADC Mangkolemba

Dear Madam,
Under the esteem leadership of Razouvolie Dazo,the ADC Mangkolemba, the subdivision has undergone through various development over the past two to three years. Among many is the construction of the much needed Rostrum at public ground, town hall renovation, government guest house renovation, repairing of cemetery road with adequate water and electricity supply and the construction of the central park to name a few. The MALT would like to thank the ADC and his team, Mangkolemba Town Council,9 ward council, church and the general public for the cooperation rendered during all these developments.
Moreover, our leader’s honest use of the finances from the Municipal affairs and the 14 Finance Commission basic need and bringing about the needed developments and his contribution for the welfare of the people of our subdivision; the MALT expresses appreciation and gratitude to our ADC.
An elevated and visionary leader, his great deeds will always be remembered by the people.
We pray that the good lord bless you and all your future endeavours for the people and the welfarement of our land.
I.Tia Jamir, President( MALT)